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What’s new in SelectCostTransfer

Join us for a closer look at the new functionality that improves the purchase order transferring process in SelectCostTransfer.

Previously when transferring a line item from a purchase order that was received, it required the user to select both the PO and Receiving’s entries before transferring.

With this enhancement, it lessens the burden on the user. Now, when transferring a line item from a Purchase Order that has was received, SelectCostTransfer will select all the related transactions automatically and will also be transferred.

SelectCostTransfer helps you move the transactions to the correct service call or job and send appropriate transactions to General Ledger.
– Overcome the standard error of posting costs to the wrong service call.
– Eliminates rekeying the adjusting/reversing transactions
– Select only the posted costs you want to transfer
– Select the costs to transfer to a job and which cost element type and cost code should be moved
– Transfer costs to another service call with a different division and/or call type
– View a history of transferred transactions



Aug 15 2018


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm