Business Process Review

The Business Process Review can be done as a standalone engagement or as the initial step of your implementation. It includes an in-depth review of your current processes and further examination of your requirements. Led by our Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Certified consultant for business process, the Business Process Review will help to identify any risks with the implementation of a new process or system, will aid in determining the scope and accurate estimate of costs of the implementation and can establish the realistic expectations of a project before it starts.

During the Business Process Review, we will identify areas of inefficiency and recommend business processes that maximize the capabilities of your business management solution.

We will immerse ourselves in understanding your business processes by:

  • Defining staffing groups for each department that use and are impacted by the current process
  • Interviewing those staff to obtain current business process flow logic. The people in the trenches, working daily with current process, will be asked to describe and then show how they do their job as it relates to the process and tools used. We will ask these subject matter experts to describe any pain points that they have with the existing process and to indicate which problems are serious in their opinion.
  • Creating a visual high-level process map in Visio and a master business process report in Excel with each step of it based on the information gathered from the interviewees.
  • Collaborating and reviewing the process map & report with process owners for accuracy and editing until process is represented accurately.
  • Delivering final set of business processes in a readable Business Process Review Report for review and discussion with stakeholders.

The Business Process Review Report can be used by you to determine what changes can be made on your own or serve as the basis for writing requirements for an RFP to engage outside help. But we are often asked to do a second step in the Business Process Review:  Making recommendations based on what we have found. Recommendations may include specific changes to the current accounting system. An example would be modifying account structure in a chart of accounts to enable stronger financial reporting from the accounting system, eliminating manual steps in process through use of current system functionality which has proven to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in a hospital, or investing in a new technology or system to gain the efficiency and productivity that is needed. As a second step in the Business Process Review we will:

  • Present recommendations and gain agreement from you on what changes to process you want to make.
  • Map out the changes to current processes and get final approval of the changes from you.
  • Define the requirements and estimate of cost to implement the changes through the development of a Project Plan.
  • Move forward with implementation of the Project Plan if you agree and approve.