You asked for it. We solved it. Enhance Dynamics GP’s and KEY2ACT Signature’s capabilities with helpful, user friendly tools

These helpful, user-friendly products boost capabilities by making common tasks easier.

With wsTOOLS, you can automate processes, intuitively find information quickly, easily make adjustments without affecting accuracy, improve visibility, and empower the workforce that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP, Job Cost, Service Management, and MobileTech.

Are you ready to work smarter, not harder? Come see how adding wsTOOLS enhancements to your KEY2ACT Signature solution will make your job easier. Follow the key below to find out which wsTOOLS will work for you!

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wsTOOLS For Dynamics GP

wsTOOLS for KEY2ACT Signature:


Provides new invoice options from the Process Service window helping to streamline billing. AutoBill allows you to review invoices and bill customers per Service Call from one window.
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Never key standard charges line by line to a Service Call again. The simple setup allows for accurate and automatic insertion of labor, other costs, and discounts based on your own individualized rules.
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Avoid delays and save time with the option to automatically change a “closed” Service Call to “complete” when labor, material, or other costs need to be added to the call. AutoOpen can be triggered from the Time Card Entry window, MobileTech, TimeTrack, and eTimeTrack.
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Provides visibility into billing status of Service Calls that need to be invoiced by a deadline. Supports billing options configured for each customer, such as the number of days after a completed call or by the end of the month. Additionally, three escalation levels of notification ensure invoices are sent on time.
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Gives Service Managers and Dispatchers the ability to easily search for a customer and see all of their contacts, locations, contracts, equipment, open and closed calls, and invoices in a centralized view. Then create, schedule, and dispatch technicians to the appointment or make adjustments through a user-friendly calendar interface.
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Machine Scheduler & Billing  (MSB)

MSB is a module of DispatchCenter that allows you to:

  • Schedule resources such as machines, tools and equipment on a graphical calendar.
  • See key information on who has it, where it’s located, what projects it’s at, how many are available & when it’s available.
  • Bill for each resource’s use and have it update in service management.

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Invoice mistakes happen. VoidReopen provides a simple and convenient way to void a service invoice by adding an option to return costs back to the Service Call. Missing charges can be added and the line item costs can be adjusted without issuing credit memos and creating additional invoices.
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Allows Technicians to generate new Service Calls on the fly by simply sending an email, even for new customers. The new Service Call will be synced to the Tech’s mobile device without needing back office intervention.
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Technicians can email the customer name, material, equipment, labor, or other costs and QuickQuote will automatically create a service call quote and email the quote summary report back to the technician.
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Reduce duplicate entry and save time by entering a Job #/Service Call to the top line of a Purchase Order and apply it to all of the remaining line items.
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Gives your customers an easy way to initiate a service request electronically, notifies your dispatchers, and auto-generates a new service call that can be scheduled.


Better understand how your employees’ benefits influence the actual cost of the Service Call or Job. It seamlessly connects and syncs employee payroll/benefit information directly back to a Service Call or Job.

CustomerNext & VendorNext

When creating a new customer or vendor, it will automatically assign the next ID number based on your predefined numbering preference.


Easily reverses posted TimeTrack entries and allows you to correct a copy of the original, thus eliminating duplicate entries and the multiple revisions typically needed. Payroll is updated and the adjusted values show up correctly in Benefit/Union/Payroll Reports.
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Save time and avoid the frustration in trying to figure out why a job will not close. JobCloseAssist will show you in one simple report, the items that are preventing you from closing a job.
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wsTOOLS for KEY2ACT or Microsoft Dynamics GP:


In Key2Act Signature, QuickMail adds the ability to send emails from Signature windows. Attach and email invoices, Call Summary reports, Job Status reports, and more, directly to the customer without leaving a KEY2ACT window. In GP, render a SSRS report and email as an embedded document or PDF attachment directly to the customer from any print window in GP.
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Offers powerful searching and produces immediate results when trying to find a customer, vendor, service call, or invoice. Just start typing part of the phone number, invoice number, a contact’s first or last name, or customer name and QuickFind intuitively filters the results.
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Creates a Purchase Order in GP by sending an email. The requestor will receive the PO # for the vendor within minutes. In GP, QuickPO reserves the next number in PO to add detail upon return.


Email a picture of a receipt or scan of a document, indicate the PO #, and QuickReceipt will add it as an attachment to the Purchase Order in GP.


Effortlessly record Use Tax in Job Cost, Service, Purchasing, Sales, and Inventory leveraging GP tax schedules. Tax Reports are updated for accurate reporting and General Ledger entries are recorded for Liability/Expense/Costing.
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Provides time entry options through a web browser. Supervisors, employees, technicians, and crews can track their labor/travel/expenses via a phone, tablet, or computer.
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wsTOOLS for Microsoft Dynamics GP:


Gives additional control and security by not allowing the user who posted an AP or AR batch to post it in GL. Posting can only be done by users who have not previously edited the batch.
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Eliminates manual entries in GP for daily activity from Micros POS. Integrates Micros seamlessly to GP including a cash/daily receipts reconcile.


Automatically emails reminders to past due accounts based on your payment terms and settings. Uses pre-defined templates which can be different for each step of your collection process to alert customers without any GP user intervention.
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Save time by eliminating the cancel and copy process in GP when a vendor cannot deliver and a change to another supplier is needed. Prompts for price recalculation from the new vendor based on last cost or user can adjust the pricing based on options selected.
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Automates a specified action on a set of records selected within a navigation list like the receiving and closing of multiple POs. Brings automation to purchasing and distribution.
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Automatically create the next customer or vendor number based on your predefined numbering preference.


Allows a user to save a copy of documents or attachments that are generated from Dynamics GP.


Removes the headache out of payroll voids by allowing a user to void a check and reverse the ACH file from direct deposit. Automatically pulls the transactions back into the payroll batch for rebuild/recalculation without having to start over. Allows for voiding of duplicates.
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Payroll/HR users can save and archive any manual updates made to W2s and 1095s after year-end close in order to protect them from being lost if year-end close is run again. Multiple snapshots can be captured and recovered if needed.
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Companies that need to generate 1095s for non-employees, spouses, or dependents, but did not track their information in HR throughout the year, can use 1095Importer to add or change their information and bring it into GP’s 1095 tables to create and print the forms. Use your Provider’s file with 1095Importer to streamline this process.
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Brings outside payroll and timeclock data into GP for payroll processing and general ledger distributions without using integration manager.


Allows a different user to take over the check printing process once the checks have been built and calculated. This adds another layer of security by segregating the payroll processing duties.
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During the entry of a transaction to an account that is attached to a checkbook, provides the user with an option to automatically create the corresponding transaction in the bank rec module. This eliminates the time and effort needed to manually enter a correcting entry in bank rec.
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Tired of large variances due to rounding? InventoryRound fixes the inherent issue in GP by automatically distributing the same actual cost per item per inventory layer and posting the difference to the GL Cost of Goods Sold.
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Provides the ability to back out a payment that was mistakenly applied to the wrong customer without additional documents.
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Provides seamless processing of information between Epic (EHRP) and Dynamics GP.


Integrates the SUBWAY DAILY SALES reports into GP seamlessly leading to daily reporting and deposit reconciliation.


No more worrying about when to close AP and AR. Regardless of when you close, SummaryRecalc will recalculate and reset the “Year-to-date” and “Last Year” numbers on the Vendor Yearly Summary and the Customer Yearly Summary so that your reports are correct.
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