System Optimization & Performance Review

The system optimization and performance review services that we can provide to you for Dynamics GP include: General Review of Use & Technical Review / Performance Tuning.

General Review of Use

Normally conducted onsite with your team of users, our consultant(s) will observe and interview users to understand current needs and insure that the Dynamics GP application is being utilized in the best manner to meet business needs. Additional functionality available in the existing version is also often discussed and demonstrated. The primary deliverable from this engagement is documented recommendations for process improvement based on findings.

Typical engagement time for general review of use is 2 to 3 days of onsite consulting time with an additional day to document and test recommendations for change. Actual time will be based on your own requirements and findings.

Technical Review / Performance Tuning

Our system experts can conduct a technical review of your existing Dynamics GP, KEY2ACT, or other ERP deployment. The technical review includes checking for:  Hardware optimization, operating system configuration, network configuration, and server related issues; missing or non-optimized SQL Server database table indexes and looking at the entire environment for any areas of deficiency. The end result is a written report back to you with what we found and recommendations on how to fix or improve. In one of our technical review engagements, our technical consultant went onsite for 5 days to look at all core IT functions: domain level, servers, service accounts, users, and security. The result was a 20-page report with findings and recommendations.

After the Technical Review report is delivered to you, our technical consultants can assist you and your team in applying and performing any of the recommended changes that you would like to implement. Specific to Microsoft SQL Server, our SQL experts can do performance tuning of the database by adjusting settings and fixing indexing issues to optimize the server to support the applications that use it.  Our technical consultants can come onsite or the work may be able to be completed in a remote engagement if external connection methods are available such as VPN, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), or GoToMeeting. Typical engagement time for Performance Tuning is 16 – 24 hours, but actual time will be based on your own requirements and findings.