Report Writing for Dynamics GP

Report writing for Dynamics GP is a popular request that we receive from our clients. There is an overwhelming amount of data that is captured within Dynamics GP and companion ISV Solutions but the data only becomes useful for your business if it can be turned into information that drives your decision making. Often times the canned reports provided in Dynamics GP are not quite what is needed, so our team utilizes tools such as SSRS, GP Report Writer, Excel, Power BI, Dashboards, Management Reporter, and Crystal Reports to build custom reports.   

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

SSRS (short for SQL Server Reporting Services) comes with Microsoft SQL Server. It is a very powerful tool allowing report building across all tables in the SQL database. Reports are published to a report server where they can be accessed through a URL. Complicated reports and SQL queries including stored procedures can be written with SSRS. An example of report writing for Dynamics GP using SSRS by our team was the creation of a specialized payroll report for a local government agency that needed to export data periodically and then format the data on the report to meet the requirements of PERS and PERA at the state level.

Dynamics GP Report Writer

The Dynamics GP Report Writer has been the report writer embedded into Dynamics GP since it was developed in the 1990s. It is best used to change the out-of-the box reports available in GP and the reports internal to GP like posting journals where the user wants to use the report options of GP.


Excel can be used to create enhanced reports from published reports within Dynamics GP or standalone reports built with Excel that integrate with Dynamics GP. Excel is also used for manipulation of data for migration through macros and for data cleansing.

Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft product used to build dashboards and display data in the way that the user wants. Its use was somewhat limited until canned reports became available in GP 2016.


Dashboarding is a subset of SSRS and Excel and is a native function of Power BI. Also, specialized dashboards can be built for you by our team using .NET, Dexterity, and VBA.

MR (Management Reporter)

Management Reporter (MR for short) is an interactive reporting application from Microsoft that financial and business professionals can use to create, maintain, deploy, and view financial statements. It is built for financial reporting and works with all of the Dynamics ERP platforms. Management Reporter utilizes a wizard to easily build financial reports. Because Microsoft FRx Report writer cannot run on 64-bit machines most clients are migrating from FRx to Management Reporter. Our team can help with migration of FRx reports over to Management Reporter or build new reports for you.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is no longer shipped with the Dynamics GP application, but our report writers have experience with it should you need assistance with it.