ERP Software Consulting

Our skilled team of ERP software consultants can help you find the right software application for your business. We will work to understand what is unique in your company and your industry, your current processes and pain points and then look for the best solution to fix those pains.  A great benefit of working with us for ERP software consulting is that in addition to vast technical expertise, our team has the business savvy and “real world” experience from previous positions held in Business Management, Accounting, Payroll, Software Development, Software Support and many years of consulting.  This diversity allows us to bring great depth of knowledge to the table as we work to understand the unique and complex business requirements that you might have.

We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics GP and KEY2ACT Signature, but we won’t limit the possibilities to just these options.  We have relationships with other software vendors who provide industry specific solutions and can leverage those in order to find the best fit for you.

After finding the best solution we will work with you to install and configure the software, migrate data, integrate with any other systems and train your users.  We utilize the Microsoft Sure Step methodology as the foundation for our process and we will tailor each step to fit your requirements.  A project manager will be assigned to make sure that the well-laid out plan moves forward with the proper resources being utilized on your team and ours.  This hands on approach will continue until you are live on the new system or until you decide it is no longer needed.  Regardless of when you decide, you will have access to our Support team for any questions, issues or additional requests for the life of our relationship.